Deanship of Students' Affairs

نموذج لصفحات الكليات


The Deanship was established by the decision of His Excellency the President of the University No. (13) that issued on 06/04/1436 - 26/01/2015 and the Deanship of Student Affairs is the primary authority concerned with serving students, and caring for them intellectually, psychologically (socially) and culturally, and the deanship aims, through its programs and administration, to deepen the students’ connection with their faith and deepen their national credit. And occupy their spare time with everything that helps build their skills for university life, and the deanship aims to provide all amenities for students in the campus, which helps them to raise the level of their educational attainment.

Referring to the letter of His Excellency the Minister of Education No. 898 that issued on 01/08/1439 - 16/04/2018 referred to the honorable order in the telegram No. 35235 on 17/07/1439 - 02/04/2018 approving what was directed by the Council of Ministers regarding the transfer of the King Abdul Aziz University branch in Al-Faisaliah to the University of Jeddah. The merger of the female section of the deanship of Student Affairs and the approval of His Excellency the University President to the organizational structure, by administrative decision No. 40-5-48800 on 20/04/1440 - 28/12/2018.


  • To be an incubator to support and invest students’ energy in all activities and to be able to compete to achieve the Kingdom's 2030 vision.

  • Achieving quality in all activities, services and student care.

  • Enriching incentive bases for students, faculty, and staff.

  • Raising student awareness of rights and duties.
  • Introducing and developing student support services.

  • Developing and distinction services provided to people with special needs.

  • Diversifying sources of income for the deanship.

  • To develop and distinct in sponsoring scholarship students.

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